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New York City Expands Paid Sick Leave.

March 31, 2014

Effective April 1, New York City has expanded its sick leave law to require virtually all New York City employers to provide paid or unpaid sick leave.  Under the expanded law, employers with five or more employees (previously 20), and anyone employing one or more domestic workers, must provide up to five paid sick days.  Employers with less than five employees must provide up to five days of unpaid sick leave.  The prior exemption for manufacturing employers has been repealed.  The law, which previously allowed workers to take sick leave to care for a spouse/domestic partner or a child, now also includes grandparents, grandchildren and siblings.  Workers alleging violations of the law now have up to two years to bring claims.  Employers must retain records for three, rather than two, years.  There is a six month grace period, until October 1, 2014, for newly-covered employers to come into compliance before being subject to civil fines.