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Maryland Unpaid Wages Lien Law – Forms.

October 30, 2013

The Maryland law permitting an employee who has not been paid all wages due and owing to file a lien against property of his employer, which we discussed in our April E-Update, is now in effect.  Under this law, an employee must notify his employer of his intent to file such a lien. The employer may dispute a lien for unpaid wages by filing a complaint in circuit court.  The Maryland Department of Licensing and Labor Regulation is working on regulations to implement the law.  In the meantime, the agency has released the following sample forms to be used in this process, available on its website,

·  Notice to Employer of Intent to Claim Lien for Unpaid Wages

·  Maryland Lien for Unpaid Wages Statement of Wage Lien

·  Employer Complaint to Dispute Lien for Unpaid Wages